Jul 2, 2012

Spin Out Club Z10 Soarer

You know when your car is badass when you can show up to a different make car event and pretty much have everyone stop everything they are doing and just gawk. When this Z10 pulled into the Daikoku lot all you heard from everyone was `yabe~` (badass) and `suge~` (awesome). I would have to agree that `badass` and `awesome` are what you would use to describe this car.

You can see everyone staring as it rolled in. Really low and reall wide.

There was a light rain that began to fall and unfortunately it hit my lens so this side profile pic came out a little blurry... FML

This is the best pic i could get to show you how wide the rear is... my best guess would be this is an 11 or 12j with a minus infinity offset.

Another thing that makes this car is the shark nose hood and fenders making the already long fronted Soarer even more insane

I`m sure some of you hentais caught a glimpse of that gas cap sticker... having stickers on these cars is almost a prerequisite. The one on the muffler reads `please don`t sit on here, you might get hurt` and the gas cap one is `traffic safety`

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