Mar 13, 2012

Nostalgic 2 Days 2012: Part 12 (last)

Here is the last part of Nostalgic 2 Days
First is this 510 built by Common Snapper. It may look like any other 510 but this one has an engine swapped from a S2000. 

Here is another hybrid built by Rocky Auto, this Hakosuka. It is common in the states to swap big American V8s into older Z cars and more recently 240s but This Hakosuka is running a 1UZ V8 from a Toyota.

Must be pretty wild to hear the sound of a V8 coming from a Hako... a travesty maybe?

Finally if you thought the price of the Corona in the previous post was insane have a look at this Fairlady. When you convert the price on the windshield to USD it comes out to $40,600!

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