Mar 12, 2012

Nostalgic 2 Days 2012: Part 11

This is the second to last part in my coverage from Yokohama Pacifico. Lets start off with this immaculate Levin. This car was featured in Hachi Maru Hero the sister magazine to Nostalgic Hero which features 80`s era cars

The 4AG was worked extensively and has ITBs and an equal length header, you can tell the owner put a lot of love into the engine, it must sound amazing.

The owner decided to go with two different sets of Hayashi rims, he has the standard Streets in the rear and a set of Commands in front. I think if i owned this car i would remove those speakers in the back, who needs to listen to CDs when you have a NA symphony up front.

Next is a very rare Mazda R360 Coupe, according to the sign board this car is `fully` restored... i guess they decided to leave the car with the rust and pock-marked chrome. The car is powered by a rear mounted V twin that put out 16hp back in 1960 and either had a 4 speed manual or 2 speed automatic.

Lastly, if you had deep enough pockets you could take home this pristine condition Corona for the low low price of Y3,050,000 or about $36,600USD!


Ayasha Kieth said...

Great job on this coverage from Yokohama Pacifico. your picture was really great and awesome. it looks real..

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Art said...

Not surprised at all that the Corona has such a high asking price: it has got the super rare 9R engine and the GT-5 designation suggests also a five speed gearbox. ;)

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