Mar 9, 2012

Nostalgic 2 Days 2012: Part 10: Building the Ultimate Hakosuka GTR

Nostalgic Hero is currently following the build process of the `Saikyou` (strongest/ultimate) Hakosuka GT-R. This car seriously is pulling no punches and the owner Sudou-san is going all out. This car was getting a lot of attention, it was currently just a rolling chassis but already had an extremely large list of modifications on it.

First lets take a look at the engine, it is a S20 that has been bored up to 2.5 liters and runs 12:1 compression. The internals, pistons, cams, conrod and crank have been treated with a process called WPC, which is firing extremely small particles at the metal that created dimples that reduce friction, you can read about it here. In addition the chain system has been replaced with a gear train unit. This modification will allow the engine to rev to 10,000rpm smoothly.  Finally, the engine is mated to a 6 speed sequential transmission meant for a Silvia.

The engine runs 50PHH Solex carbs that are fed with titanium velocity stacks. you can also see that many of the nuts and bolts were replaced with titanium versions, reducing the weight is one of the key points of the build.

On the exhaust side is a one off header built by Technical Garage Sasaki. It uses an Inconel super alloy which is only .53mm thick! Weight wise it is an amazing 6kg lighter than a stainless version.

Keeping the car under control is a set of one off Aragosta coilovers by SP-Tech. The front strut case, swaybars, hubs and steering components are all redesigned to bring this cars suspension components into the 21st century. Stopping power is taken care of by HUGE Brembo rotors and Calipers

The rear is just as sexy. The suspension has been redesigned with chromoly piping to allowing good cornering capabilities. Again the brakes have been replaced by Bembo units

Moving to the inside the first thing you notice is the wet carbon overlay floor. This car on the outside looks like it has factory body panels but that is where you would be very wrong. The hood, front fenders, doors, trunk, bumpers and rear diffuser are all made of carbon. In addition any unnecessary metal bits from the frame have been removed. A one off cage has also been built for this car.

Here you can seen a side view of the door

You can see in this shot the rear bumper and under difuser made out of CF

Even more carbon tidbits

This Hako isn`t running 14s or even 15s but 16 inch mag Watanabes, i guess the brakes can`t take anything smaller. You can see the FRP front spoiler on the ground... seriously, why would you put something like that on the ground in a high traffic area?!

And that is the `ultimate` Hakosuka.

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Rory Johnston said...

beautiful. a nice take on the old platform.

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