Mar 19, 2012

MSC Round 1 at Mobara Part 1

So i went out to Mobara to catch MSC at Mobara yesterday. Here is a small teaser of some of the action that was going on.

First thing i did was walk the pits, this Rendezvous S13 was pretty sick, it had some crazy aero and was pretty clean all around

Then i moved to the track where something was always going on. This red 180 was putting down some clean runs

MSC also has their famous triple class here is team Illusion showing how it`s done with their big 90s and JXZ100

If you watch various street drifting videos from the Kanagawa area you may have seen this car before...

And of course you have tandem, here are two pretty famous cars waiting to go out, the Run Free AE86 and Magician S14

I have got a ton of pics that i need to get organized so you can look forward to some pretty good stuff in the next few days

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