Mar 20, 2012

JCCA 2010 Part 2

It is hard to capture what the JCCA New Year`s Meet is in pictures, even if you took video it is impossible to understand what an amazing event it is. The constant sound of carburetors, the smell of unburnt gasoline wafting through the air, it is truly Kyusha heaven. It is such a laid back atmosphere, you come across amazing vehicles like this Yon Meri on Equips, the owner brought his family out to the event and the kids were just chilling in the back.

Perhaps my favorite time is right when the show is ending and everyone is headed home. There is more room to shoot and everything is bathed in this amazing orange glow from the setting sun over Tokyo. It is times like this when cars like this gold 2000GT show the true depth of their color. I just stopped and took a few moments to admine this car in all its glory.

During this time cars are constantly moving around the lot and having small gatherings with their comrades. This B110 Sunny was heading out to parts unknown after chatting with his friends for a bit. Check out the size of that rear tire!

This 510 attends every year, the owner decided to use some modern TE37s instead of vintage rims, it also has a full bolt in cage. I wouldn`t mind seeing this thing on the track

Last is this Ken Mary, this owner too decided to add a modern touch with a carbon fiber hood don`t forget to `like` AUTOnGRAPHIC on Facebook at

still more to come...

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