Feb 4, 2012

JCCA 2012 Part 9

Good morning,
Ready for part 9?
First we have a silver S30. The owner went and left the Z nose black so it helps to add some really nice contrast. also he is running carbon fiber flares, a good mix of past and present. i think if he had gunmetal Watanabes instead of gold it would really bring the whole car together even better.
Here is another clean combination, a XX Celica on red MKIIs on sticky Direzza Z1s
I must appologize for getting only 3/4 shots, since this is a parking lot there isn`t much room to shoot.
Check out this ULTRA clean hachi ichi on gunmetal Wats, simple is definitely best.
Here is one car that should have been at the top of the awesome list, the Biko Works C110 running Work CR01s... BUT please fix the fuggin hood! If you are going to be spending near $40k on one please take 5 minutes and fix that... it is driving me crazy when i look at it.

This car makes up for it though, a pristine TE27
or how about another Laurel SGX this time on Rotas.... oh i mean Hayashis
The three amigos, that Bluebird front is sexy as hell
part 10 soon

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