Feb 3, 2012

JCCA 2012 Part 8

I had to do a little research on this one, it`s a Mazda Luce Legato. Even though this car had the old gurachan styling i just couldn`t bring myself to like this one. I really don`t think the front with its stacked headlights and grill suit the car but this was 1977 we are talking about here. Although everything past the grill and headlights is golden.
Parked next to it though was another Luce this one a 1974 coupe (aka RX-4).  I dunno what the designers were thinking in those three years from taking a sporty 2 door coupe and turning it into a  big ass luxury sedan
I like this shot, you have the Luce, a 610 Bluebird, Laurel SGX and Celica all in one
the ass shot
Check out this S13, for a moment i thought i time traveled back to 1992, it is running longchamps and a huge `wangan` wing. he also had some victory pipes.
the Chaser next to him had the silvia`s pipes beat by about 2 feet though... must be interesting to catch a ride in this taxi.
There were numerous hachi rokus at the event as well, this one was had the 3m carbon overl..... oh wait those are real carbon fiber fenders, hood, sides, valence, wing and mirrors all sitting on a set of feathery CE28Ns according to the side decal it has a 5 valve under the hood as well.
lastly here is another GX71 with the shark nose and Epsilon meshies
back with part 9 and maybe 10 tomorrow


Art said...

Can I repost the S13 and Chaser GX71 with victory pipes on bosozokustyle.com?


sure Art, feel free to use whatever you like

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