Feb 9, 2012

JCCA 2012 Part 14

Part 14 covers a couple cars from inside the show, honestly i pretty much seen all these cars before and the crowd was huge so i only spent about 20 minutes walking around inside

A clean sunny sitting on some Watanabes

Here is an awesome Fairlady roadster, i believe the owner takes the car out on the track once in a while

Carbon fitted Z, this one had a CF hood, flares and front bumper all in carbon.  Looks pretty tough


 I went to the back lot behind the show and there was this Z sitting on TE37Vs, it is a nice change from banana spokes.

Coming back to the show this was a real WTF moment, a Drag Mazda Porter! Yes, it is real. You must need some balls of steel to run this thing down the quarter mile with shut a short wheel base. I should have asked the guys around it if look at the car more closely and get a shot of the engine but i didn`t... hindsight is always 20/20

Lastly Body Shop Happy was there as they are every year with their Europas... all the colors of the rainbow.

Back with the last part tomorrow

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