Feb 4, 2012

JCCA 2012 Part 10

Lets start part 10 off with something different this very clean mark II wagon on Enkei Mosports

the owner also had a set of Enkei mags in the back... maybe he bought them at the swap meet.
Here is a nice non Z nosed Fairlady
There were so many Celicas in the parking lot it was truly mind boggling. You can really see the American styling in shots like these

Here is a S130 on long champs, i could never get over that big block bumper...
Bay Side Crew from Chiba was out in force... i would love to see this thing ripping up some tarmac
Many other clubs were out enjoying the sights and sounds
love the headlights
We started with something different, we end with something different, this pair of Honda S800s. Take your pic hardtop or ragtop... It took me forever to find an old Honda in a sea of Mazda, Toyota and Nissan
part 11 still to come

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