Feb 18, 2012

JCCA 2011 Reloaded: When Heaven Froze Over

I was looking through my hard drive and i found some pics i never posted of JCCA 2011. The morning started off BEAUTIFUL, a crisp clean February morning with the sun shining down. This was before i had the silvia so i took the train to get there. This is what half the JCCA lot looked like by around 7. What can you see?

Walking down the stairs from the station this was one of the first shots i snapped... gotta love the surf line 

The Biko Works Hakosuka was parked right near the entrance, still partially shaded by the surrounding office buildings

There was a line of C10s... no door mirrors here

As the day wore on clouds started to appear overhead

The Phalanx Z and the Europas were looking all sexy under overcast skies

Cars started to head home the skies got darker (insert pun about Nissan Sunny here)...

and about 1 minutes later at around 3:30... SNOW...being as conditions were less than ideal i packed up and jumped on the train home 

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