Sep 24, 2011

Top One

Went to Top One today to get  the alignment done. Had to leave the car there over night... the owner Ito-san is cool as shit... he`s more into grip rather than drift but most of his customers are drift drivers. He said it`s getting harder to organize grip events because most people now days are more into drift. Here are some pics of the shop
 There was a S15 and a 180sx getting worked on. the 180sx was getting pretty much all the arms redone and coilovers put in. The Mark II infront i think is owned by a mixed Brazilian Japanese girl... (yes, she was pretty damn hot)... you can kinda see her reflection in the glass lol. The car had a couple of F.L.A.G. stickers on the back which is the drifting crew from Kangawa,Tokyo and Chiba
One more of the front
I seen this sticker before but i didn`t have my camera at the time... i added the subtitles for those that don`t understand Japanese.

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