Sep 17, 2011

long weekend

So it is a long 3 day weekend here in Japan... tomorrow going get the front tires mounted and maybe get them on the car in the afternoon. My KTS spacers have arrived just in time. I got a better look at the car in the day light today. I am almost certain i have a GP sports G-sonic front and rear bumper. Also the coilovers are a company called BC sports

One unpleasant surprise was it felt like one of my ATR sport tires was lighter than the other so i grabbed my bathroom scale and sure enough one is almost 1kg lighter! WTF! looking at them i can tell that they are definitely from a different batch the color of the two tires are different despite both being brand new. also the marking  stripes that run down the tire are  different colors. but i guess for 20,000y i can`t complain, they supposedly have good wet and dry grip.

tomorrow should be fun.

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